The Background:

The Name:

Jane: We talked for years about having a business of our own, an inn, a B&B or a small restaurant, a family business, something we could run with our two sons.

Jeff: I drove by this building one day; saw the real estate sign on it and called Jane. It was run down, vacant for almost 2 years, but we saw the potential. We love being near the ocean, the feeling you get when you see the ocean and smell the salt air - we live near the beach, vacation at the beach, and working at the beach would be a dream come true. We knew that with a thorough scrubbing, bright paint colors, a great menu, and courage, this could evolve into an incredible beach restaurant. It would become a place with all the qualities we love in a restaurant - wonderful food, a beautiful view, great music, and a relaxing atmosphere. It will become the kind of place we'd enjoy hanging out in with family and friends.

Jane: Jeff has been in the food industry for over 20 years; working in restaurants across the country (including New York, Seattle, and San Francisco) and more recently as a private chef and caterer in Scituate. Jane has 20+ years of retail and customer service experience. Given our love for the beach, Jeff's restaurant and food background, our energy and enthusiasm, and our passion about creating wonderful experiences, we decided that this rundown building by the beach was about to become the family business we had dreamed of.


Jeff: Our inspiration came from visits to Mexico and from hanging out in beach restaurants with our kids in the Caribbean... the warm, laid back feeling you get being together, sitting at the beach, watching the surf while enjoying amazing food, and great music.

Jane: Our vision and our goal was to bring together sights, smells, sounds and tastes that would create these same feelings. We wanted our customers to experience Hull's Kitchen in a way, that even for the short time they were here, they feel as if they were "away somewhere" because of the vibe. And everything would be done in a quality way -- quality food, quality atmosphere, quality people, and a quality experience that differentiates us from the rest.

The Experience:

Jeff: Once we knew this was what we wanted to do and where we wanted to do it, we started tossing around ideas using the word "Hull". A cousin came up with lots of good names - Hullava sandwich, Hullava good time and then came up with "Hull's Kitchen". That was it. We loved it!!

Jane: We knew we had a great name to fit the perfect location. At this point, we were still in fantasy land, but it was fun to imagine what could be. We began to put the wheels in motion to make this our own.

The Food:

Jeff: The food is wonderful; it is fresh, made to order, with quality ingredients. There is really something for everyone. The menu was designed to offer something new, that people may not have experienced, like our soft tacos, with shrimp, steak or chicken and also something familiar, like fish and chips. We are also listening to what people are looking for and asking for. There will be daily specials and regular additions to the menu.