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APRIL 2017

We are CLOSED for the season.

Thank you to all who ate, drank, laughed, waited, listened to music, helped out with a hand print, adjusted to our new systems, and in general enjoyed Hull's Kitchen this summer! 

We will continue to look for ways to ensure you have a positive experience with us as we plan for next year. Thank you for all your feedback.

We reopen in April!

Thank you again!
-Jane and Jeff, Ben and Sam, and the Hull's Kitchen Team

​1. Live music almost every night

2. Eat on the porch or take it to go

3. 2017 will be our 11th year!

4. Check us out and see what people are saying          on Tripadvisor.com

5. We serve beer, wine, mixed and blended drinks

​6. Our paper products are biodegradable

7. We use vegetable oil (no trans fats)

​8. We have gluten-free options

9. We recommend parties of 5 or more call ahead

Things You Should Know: