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MONDAY: 4:00-9:00
TUESDAY: 4:00-9:00
WEDNESDAY: 12:00-9:00
THURSDAY: 12:00-9:00
FRIDAY: 12:00-9:00
SATURDAY: 12:00-9:00

Come Join Us On the Porch!

6 Things You Should Know:

This Friday night, July 31st there will be a full moon, the 2nd full moon in July. When there are 2 full moons in one month the second is called a blue moon, it is rare, seldom....that is where the expression "once in a blue moon" came from. Come to Hulls Kitchen, watch the blue moon rise; it's said to be magical. You never know what might happen....

​1. Live music almost every night

   (Click HERE to see who is playing this week!)

2. Eat on the porch or take it to go

3. We are in our 9th year

4. Check us out and see what people are saying          on

5. We serve beer, wine, mixed and blended drinks

6. We do NOT take credit cards